Privacy Policy

I. Purpose of collecting user information

Our company understand its importance and respect private personal information of website user. This privacy policy will provide the overview content to transparent the purpose of collecting information; using range; approaching object;third party links and website productions; commitment to private information; user right and responsibility.
This policy will apply when user access to this website, meaning user understand and agree with rules that company regulate in policy.

The Company recognizes that proper management of personal information is a part ofits compliance activity. In complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the guideline of the Personal Information Protection Commission, the Company will establish internal regulations concerning handling of personal information and other internal rules, and fully disseminate the importance among officers and employees.

II. Range of using user’s information

The Company collects user’s information for a purpose of maintaining relationship with users.

Notification the advertising information or marketing online purpose, recruitment information to users.

Evaluate and analyze market, customer, service. Determine access turn, analyze and optimize the website.

The Company may use the collected personal information only within the scope of the purpose of use clearly stated, notified or announced in advance, or to the extent that the information is deemed to be related to the stated purpose of use. Any change in the purpose of use will be made by obtaining persons’ prior consent.

The Company will strive to keep the collected personal information accurate and up to date, and properly manage personal information by taking appropriate security measures to prevent it from being accessed by an unauthorized person, lost, destroyed, altered, leaked, etc.

III. Range of collecting user’s information:

1. Personal information:

+ Full name

+ Phone number

+ Email

+ Address

2. For each purpose of other specific information collecting, depending on time, the company can request user to provide more information, and then user can agree or deny to provide more information.

When you register to use KOA site and order products or services as a subscriber in order to provide the services to you, we may collect the following Personal Information from you:

IV. Commitment on security of user information

1. Personal user information will be committed to its security according to the Company policy.

2. No usage, no transfer, no provision or disclosure to the third-party about the personal information without the permission of user.

3. The Company will never provide or disclose personal information to third parties without persons’ prior consent except in cases permitted under laws and regulations. However, such provision may be made to third parties (except for overseas parties) through an opt-out scheme.

4. We do not sell your personal data or personal information to any third party.

V. Other terms

All the terms and conditions above will be influenced by laws of Viet Nam. We have the permission to change and modify at any times without notification. All the modification and change will be effective immediately when we update on the website.