Mr. Nguyen Minh Vu
Please tell me about your department and your work.
My name is Vu, I’m working in the production department. Raw materials from scrap paper, carton board, etc. after passing our department, we will make the best kraft liner paper rolls to customers’ hands.
What do you like about your work?
Have the opportunity to develop, express yourself.
Understand more about processes and equipment.
Learn the experience, valuable things at work and in life.
What do you value in your work?
Because it is the main production stage of the company, each individual must have a high sense of responsibility in the work, completing the job as best as possible.
Technology lines, modern machinery and equipment should work more automatically, requiring each individual to have a firm grasp of the technological process.
The harmony with colleagues, helping each other develop together and contribute to the development of the company.
What do you do on the weekend?
Go home to visit family and relatives. Spend time hanging out with friends, reading the books you like, .. Occasionally traveling to somewhere.
Please give your message to those who want to join us.
Currently, environmental issues are one of the most important issues in the world. We are proud to have made a small contribution to the environmental protection today. Come with us and build a cleaner environment together. Our company always welcomes you.