Waste Water
Mr. Dam Quang Phi
Please tell me about your department and your work.
Hi everybody. I am Phi working in the water treatment department of the KOA factory. My job is to treat water from the paper factory through the most modern water treatment system today with a capacity of 11,000 m3 / day.
What do you like about your work?
My work is quite interesting because I can turn dirty and smelly water into clean water as if I were performing some magic
What do you value in your work?
My work is also quite important. Failure to do well will cause serious harm to the environment, ecosystems as well as people. So in my work, I appreciate the support of the company management to invest in a modern water treatment system as well as for me and everyone in the department who is well-trained. Let me finish my mission well
What do you do on the weekend?
After work, on weekends I often spend a little time to clean my house, cafe with friends as well as participate in sports, sometimes I travel – visit ( laugh )
Please give your message to those who want to join us.
Karft of Asia (KOA) is: Speaking of sustainability – development. Come with us – join hands to create life values.