Quality Control
Ms. Nguyen Thi Tra My
Please tell me about your department and your work.
My name is My, I currently work in quality control team. Our daily work is to survey and analyze pulp materials and check the quality of manufactured paper. Also to collect data and create valuable data to provide to customers.
What do you like about your work?
My job helps me gain a better understanding of the recycled paper industry as well as the modern Japanese manufacturing technology available at Kraft of Asia.

The joy in my work is to contribute a small amount of useful, environmentally friendly products to users.

At the same time, the company provides us with a friendly and professional working environment with a team of Japanese experts, not only that is a good environment but is also to help us improve our foreign language skill.

What do you value in your work?
My job requires high knowledge and precision to provide good products to customers, so I and my colleagues constantly research and improve knowledge for myself to help the company.
What do you do on the weekend?
After the end of a week of work, I usually spend time with my family, meet my friends.
Please give your message to those who want to join us.
Colleagues are enthusiastic young people, moreover the company always creates good opportunities for those who are eager to learn.